lifestyle transitions

empowering lifelong independence

If you or someone you love has fallen, has been in the hospital (or has a planned surgery), or is having trouble managing daily life tasks, Lifestyle Transitions can help! Michelle Holloway, OT is passionate about promoting lifelong independence by providing people with the knowledge, skills, and functional roadmaps that support optimal independence while aging.

Fallen? Been in the hospital? Planned surgery?  Trouble managing daily life tasks? Lifestyle Transitions can help! Michelle Holloway, OT is passionate about promoting  optimal independence while aging.

let's break down barriers to independence

Michelle can help you discover how to create the safest environment to promote independence and avoid falls.

The process begins with a comprehensive baseline independent living assessment of the person and a home safety assessment.

Following an evaluation, Michelle provides health education and advocacy, as well as connection to the right supplies and resources for each individual’s needs.

Regular follow up visits are available to train and teach the client techniques and strategies for achieving the goals of living independently and avoiding unplanned hospital visits.

evaluate • educate • adapt • prevent • empower

it's time to get started

Scheduling a free 20-minute consultation with Michelle is the first step.
You can take that step today and be on your way to a more confident future for you or your loved one!

National Council on Aging Falls Free
National Association of Home Builders
Certified Aging in Place Specialist
Home Modification Occupational Therapy Alliance